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Adopting a Dachshund From Us

  1. We breed to improve the loveable doxie breed & only do so after extensive research, DNA testing, paneling, evaluations, exams and checking pedigrees! All of our lines have Champions in their past. 

  2. All of our puppies are sold as PET ONLY and will come with their limited AKC registration paperwork **provided after proof of spay/neuter**.


  4. Adirondack Miniature Dachshunds, LLC reserves the right per our contract to repossess any puppy at any time following sale, sold to such if the buyer is discovered to be in violation of our contract after taking possession of the puppy.

  5. Adirondack Miniature Dachshunds, LLC endorses our contract and considers it legally binding for the safety of our puppies.

  6. Adirondack Miniature Dachshunds, LLC reserves the right to refuse to sell you a puppy.

  7.  We only accept deposits from those who have contacted us, filled out an adoption application, have been approved to adopt & have signed our sales contract. 

  8. All deposits made are to hold your puppy, go towards the purchase price of your puppy and are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Common Gestation Questions

Momma dogs tend to go into heat every 8 - 12 months but, may go into heat sooner or later, it just depends on the momma & her genetics. Gestation usually lasts around 63 days and pups must stay with their mommas for at least 8 weeks after they are born. We only breed mommas who have been health checked, are of appropriate breeding age & do not exceed an appropriate number of litters. Retiring mommas while they are still young by limiting the number of litters they have is what is best for them and we will only do what is healthiest for our mommas.

What Your Puppy Will Come With

All puppies come with:

  1. Age appropriate vaccinations 

  2.  Heart worm medicine (Interceptor Plus) & flea/tick preventative if age appropriate

  3. Deworming

  4. Vet exam & health certificate from our vet (our vet checks for hernias, undescended testicles, heart murmurs, fleas/ticks, ear mites, patellar luxation, kinked tails, worms, open fontanelles, cleft palates, correct bites & other defects or illnesses) 

  5. Health guarantee against life threatening genetic defects until the puppy is 1 year old

  6. Microchipped  

  7. Limited AKC pet registration paperwork will be provided to you AFTER proof of spay/neuter

  8. AKC new puppy welcome packet

  9. Toy

  10. Blanket

  11. Generous helping of puppy food, Royal Canin Small Breed Puppy. *Feeding your puppy with a high quality food is extremely important for the first year of their life, we highly recommended Royal Canin!*

  12. Sample of the probiotic we use on all our puppies food, Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets Probiotic

  13. Custom canvas tote :-)

  14.  30 Days of Trupanion Pet Insurance - Must Activate once taking your puppy home! 

Visitation Policy

Puppies are extremely susceptible to parasites and diseases that can be brought in from shoes & clothing which can be deadly to them and their litter mates. Your puppy does not even go outdoors until they leave our home and transfer care to you. We worm our newborn puppies every two weeks and separate them from the other dachshunds to keep them safe.

New mama dogs are extremely protective of their babies. When strangers enter the home, even if mama is in another part of the house, she hears their voices and kicks into a highly emotionally charged state. This stress causes her body to create cortisol, which enters her milk. When the puppies consume the milk the cortisol then causes them to become stressed as well. A stressed puppy is more likely to succumb to illness and fail to thrive.
Stressed mama dogs will panic. They jump up and away from their puppies to assess what they think is a threat, and many times unintentionally step on or crush a puppy. The mere sound of a stranger’s voice in another room will cause them to panic and can result in an injured puppy, or even death.
The puppies are reserved by purchasing families. Would you want to have a puppy reserved and know that a lot of other families were being allowed to come and hold or play with them and put them at risk? We’d like to raise and socialize our puppies in such a way that their risk to disease and/or injury is as low as possible so that we can deliver healthy puppies to the families who are waiting for them.

We have a normal life that includes jobs/business, home, property & family needs, and other responsibilities in addition to caring for our puppies and dogs. Our daily lives are very busy and accommodating the many requests we receive from strangers to come by and visit just isn’t possible. 
Inviting perfect strangers into our home is a risk. We enjoy meeting the families who have reserved a puppy in a public location, once puppies are old enough to safely be visited. It’s a totally different situation to receive an email from a random stranger who is passing through asking to come by and see our dogs. Not only is this a risk to personal safety, but it would also compromise our home environment, which we appreciate and love and want to protect. Our home is not a store front open to strangers. It is a home.
We realize many families want reassurance that we are what we say we are. We have many references and would be happy to provide them to you. We are town licensed and comply with all state laws and regulations.

Due to these reasons, we DO NOT allow visitation. Hopefully our policy is one you will view as being responsible and a reflection of being a quality breeder who cares about our puppies and our purchasing families.

We take A LOT of pictures and videos to provide you with and will gladly even FaceTime or Skype you so you can see your puppy in real time during any point of time until you take your puppy home, after 8 weeks of age. 

Our vet also knows us well, and would be more then happy to give a reference!

Deposits & Payment

1. We begin taking $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposits for puppies once puppies are 2-3 weeks of age ($300 for those on the wait list)

2. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE but, do go towards the purchase price of your puppy.

3. If you change your mind about the puppy, your deposit will be forfeited & the puppy will become available again to our waiting list first then to the public immediately thereafter.


​5. We do not have control over unexpected non-pregnancies, or how many of each gender or color are born in a litter. If you are not willing or able to potentially deal with a delay in receiving a puppy due to causes outside of our control, then please do not proceed with the process of reserving a puppy. Requests for refunds will not be considered, if you’ve submitted an application and a waiting list deposit indicating you have read this policy.

6. **Starting Jan. 1st 2022** Final payments can be made through Square (accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover with a fee of 4% at your expense) or Cash Only. Checks are NOT accepted. We only accept cash app payments via PayPal or Venmo for waiting list & holding deposits with a 4% fee at your expense. We are more then happy to meet you in person as well to pay cash for a waiting list or holding deposit. 


Shipping & Transportation

We DO NOT ship our puppies however, we will fly or transport them with a puppy nanny at your expense. Please contact us for more information if you are looking to adopt a puppy from us further than 200 miles away. We are currently only adopting pups out to families who live within the United States. 

Policies: FAQ

Pricing & Discounts

Puppies are priced based on pedigree, color and coat type. Price includes registration paperwork, microchipping, first vaccines, deworming, health certificate & vet exam. Please see above for everything your puppy will come with. We do have to charge 7% NYS Sales Tax on the total price of your puppy. If you choose to pay via square for credit card payment, there is a 4% charge fee on top of the total price for your puppy.


We cannot express enough gratitude to those who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe, healthy & free, which is why we offer a $100 discount to all military & emergency personnel (EMT, Police & Fire Fighters).

We also offer a $100 discount to those who choose to adopt more then one puppy from us at one time. We love knowing that two siblings or two pups of the same age get to go home together from us. Doxies love the company of other doxies & tend to do better having someone else to grow up with.

To those who have already adopted from us in the past, you also receive a $100 discount. We consider all of our customers a part of our family once they adopt from us, as raising a puppy is a commitment for the lifetime of the puppy & we are here for you every step of the way. It is our way of saying thank you for your business & choosing us to find a new Doxie to add to your family.

***Only 1 discount may be used at one time*** 

Adoption Process

We require an adoption application and sales contract to be filled out and approved from our website. After that step then a deposit is placed on the puppy of your choice. Deposit holders on our waiting list choose first. Our waiting list and information regarding can be found on the waiting list tab on our website. Once a deposit is placed, that puppy is reserved for you and will be removed from our website and Facebook page for adoption. Any puppies remaining will be posted as available on our website and our Facebook page.

Puppy Pick Up Dates

Pick up dates are listed in the information about your puppy before you choose to adopt. The date listed will be the scheduled pick up date. This will give you time to plan ahead of time. Please confirm that this date works for you when you place your deposit. IF the listed pickup date does not work for you we need to be notified immediately. We do not charge to hold pups between 8-10 weeks of age but it is best that your puppy goes home with you by 10 weeks of age for socialization. Every additional day that we have to hold your puppy after will be a $10 boarding fee to continue care of your puppy.

Policies: FAQ
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