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Information About Our Waiting List


We run mostly off of our waiting list for our puppy adoptions. We enjoy having a waiting list because it allows us to get to know and keep in touch with future puppy buyers ahead of time while allowing them to have a secured spot for choosing a puppy. It also avoids impulse buying of our pups since our families are looking ahead of time & patiently waiting which comforts us knowing our pups will be in a forever home.

We don’t like having to turn people away looking to get on our waiting list when it is closed but we do not want to have a long waiting list. We want our puppy families to be able to get the puppy they are looking for in a reasonable amount of time. We also don’t want to have our puppy buyers to lose interest if they are having to wait too long for the puppy they are looking for.

After discussing with you what puppy you are looking for & if we are expecting any litters that meet what you are looking for in a timely manner, we will then ask you to fill out our adoption application to be approved to adopt. After being approved, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required to be placed on our waiting list. The deposit will go towards the total purchase price of the puppy you choose and is good for every litter we have until you choose your puppy.


If you are on our waiting list for a specific puppy and the litter does not have what you’ve indicated wanting, then you will be moved to the next available reservation. We do not have control over unexpected non-pregnancies, or how many of each gender or color are born in a litter. If you are not willing or able to potentially deal with a delay in receiving a puppy due to causes outside of our control, then please do not proceed with the process of reserving a puppy. Requests for refunds will not be considered, if you’ve submitted an application and a waiting list deposit indicating you have read this policy.

With every litter of pups that are born you will be notified based on the date you were added to the waiting list. Puppies will become available for deposit to those on the waiting list when they are thriving, eyes have opened and coat types are determined, around 2-3 weeks of age. When your turn comes, you will have 24 hrs to choose your puppy and place a non-refundable deposit of $300 to reserve. If you choose not to adopt at that time, we will notify you on the next litter. The remaining balance is due upon pick up after 8 weeks of age. 

**PLEASE NOTE** As of August, 2022 - If you pass on a puppy that is what you are looking for twice you will be removed from the wait list. Wait list deposits are good for 2 years. If you have been offered puppies and have not chosen a puppy yet to adopt within 2 years you will be removed from the wait list. This is to prevent our wait list from getting too long & stagnant, preventing others who are actively looking to adopt to be able to join our wait list. We will no longer be placing people on “HOLD”. If a circumstance arises where you are no longer actively looking to adopt, please let us know so we can remove you from the current wait list. You are more then welcome to contact us to rejoin the list at a later date when you are ready to adopt. Your wait list deposit will only be valid for 2 years, at which point, will be forfeited if more then 2 years have passed. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE under all circumstances. 

Waiting List: FAQ

Paid Waiting List - 6 months +/- wait time

1. Paula A. LH cream/SH F

2. Tracy M. LH F M

3. Kimberley C. LH F M

4. Leah D LH M

5. Ashley H. LH

6. Melissa S. LH F

​7. Ryan H. F

8. Amy S.

9. Betsy L.

10. Hannah B.

11. Jessica M.

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